SIEC - ISBE is an international network for people who grappel themself worldwide with the topic „ economic education“ and collect experience in practical and theoretical „economic education“ and would like to share them.

SIEC - ISBE adresses teaching staff, headmasters, apprentice in the field of operational training and development, science, university  and administration.

The main concern of SIEC - ISBE is to provide the members a worldwide insight into school and practical economic education and to contribute to their development.  In addition cultural and social events have their continual place.


The SIEC-ISBE strives to achieve the following goals:

    multiinternational exchange of experience on the work front, especially  in commercial education and development

    international dialog with economical and educational experts

    access to information about the latest developments in the aspects of inter- and multicultural learning

    discussion of international economic topics on local, regional, national and international level


Every year, during the summer holidays, a one-week international conference takes place in the most diverse member countries with pre- and post

conference tours. The main part of a congress gets organised by a chapter of a country, a small part by the pedagogical comitee (PedCom). The PedCom

invites the members of SIEC - ISBE to present in workshops, seminars and presentations their tuition-experience and research-results. Beside the

programm for the delegates a programm for accompanying persons will be provided.

For the members of the SIEC - ISBE an infrequent newsletter and „the review“ with technical contributions is published. The language of communication

is english.

The Networking Committee (NetCom) strives the goal, to connect the members with each other. Because of this, every country sends a member into the

NetCom. Out of this reason it should be possible in between the conferences to make new contacts.  It is also possible, that SIEC - ISBE members teach

as training staff in a different country at the SIEC - ISBE partner


The board consists currently of two chairmen and manages the business of the association.

  • Alesch Otypka (Member)
  • Beat Gauderon (President a.i., office manager)